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How The Needles Are Used By The Acupuncturist

Why are acupuncture needles used in certain specific points? They are used to trigger the energy in the body to get back to its healthy normal state. At what points these needles are inserted depends on the ailment of the patient. Basically, it is the symptoms that are apparent in the patient Ė be it emotional, physical or mental that dictate the treatment. Each patient might have a different treatment. What the needles do when they are inserted is to stimulate energy at that particular part or to dissipate it. In the case of depression or dizzy spells, an acupuncturist might need to stimulate energy. However, if there is heat or anger, the energy flow might have to be dissipated.

After doing a detailed analysis of all the patientís symptoms and the organs that are affected, the acupuncturist decides at what points to insert the needles. One could of course dispense with the needles and apply pressure at these points but most acupuncturists feel that the results are much better when the needles are inserted. Inserting the needles can be done in many ways Ė in fact there are many techniques to do this. The needles used could differ too. Todayís acupuncturists usually use small needles and most of them are disposable. The needles can also go into the points to varying depths and this would of course depend on what was being treated. And of course, there is a particular technique that stimulates and another that dissipates the flow of energy.

Sometimes, an acupuncturist will warm the needle before inserting it. This makes it better when it comes to stimulating energy. The point into which the needle goes is also massaged. The needle slides in slowly, with the skin being punctured just a bit at first and then the needle slides in, with the acupuncturist knowing exactly how deep it should go. While it is being removed, too, it should be done very slowly. What helps is if the needle could be inserted when the patient exhales and taken out when he inhales. The order of the points being punctured would depend on the flow of energy. The needles are usually kept inserted for around 10 minutes.

When energy needs to be dissipated, the needle is usually inserted quickly and removed fast. It is usually not warmed. When it comes to stimulating energy, the needles are inserted deeper and could be warmed up. Depending on the flow of energy, the needles are inserted in a particular order or in the opposite direction. When the needle is inserted, it helps if the patient were to inhale and when it is removed, he should exhale. Sometimes, the needle stays inside for just a few seconds. One could look at it this way. Dissipating energy is like letting air out of a balloon while stimulation it is more like blowing air in.

The hallmark of a good acupuncturist is that there is hardly any pain, if at all. There may be a slight twinge, a bit of a warm sensation but that is all. When the needle is inside, there is no feeling and people donít even realize itís in. There are various needles that are used in acupuncture. Japanese needles youíll find, are thinner than the normal needles used and they appear different because they come in guide tubes. There can be different sizes and widths as far as needles are concerned and the ones that dissipate energy are thicker usually than the ones that stimulate it.

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