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Olympic athlete's 'nightmare' after acupuncture needle collapsed lung

As a world-class judoka, Kim Ribble-Orr weathered an extraordinary amount of adversity – not to mention battered limbs — to achieve her dream of competing in the Olympics. When a massage therapist tried to treat the headaches she s


British teen sentenced to electroacupuncture for crime spree.

A TEENAGE thug who subjected a Litherland family to a series of assaults and intimidation has been ordered to take part in a course of electro-acupuncture. The 17-year-old boy, also from Litherland, carried out two attacks on the family on October 7, 20


How Stress Affects Your Body and Health

The main objective of acupuncture is to bring about healing within your body as a whole, sans using medicine. The impact of stress on your body can be studied by categorizing it in two ways. The first way can be by assessing the effects of acute stress a


Encinitas Acupuncture for Women

Besides being advantageous for all the body systems like digestive, circulatory, respiratory, reproductive, etc. this effective acupuncture treatment also gives very good results for varied problems related to women. Acupuncture is a highly an


Acupuncture For Weight Loss — How Effective is it?

You tend to suffer from ailments and feel the pain when energy gets blocked in the meridians. The balanced flow of energy is restored with the help of needles inserted into the exact points along the meridian lines. The moment you start-up a n